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Certified Rebuild, Service and Assembly Facility For Bibby Turboflex, Marland Clutch, & Svendborg Brakes

Rebuild/repair your product to look like new, perform like new and warrantied as half the price

Bibby SA Facility
Altra South Africa Facility
Your old, worn Marland clutches, Svendborg brake systems and Turboflex Disc Couplings can be refurbished locally at our South African facility for substantially less than the cost of a new replacement clutch. Since Bibby Turboflex, Marland & Svendborg are part of Altra Industrial Motion, the newly branded Altra Industrial Motion South Africa facility is now able to serve as an authorized local Service Center for Turboflex Disc Couplings, Svendborg brake systems and Marland one-way clutches and backstops utilized in several key markets including petrochemical, mining, metals, power plants and cement manufacturing, on applications such as dual fan drives, inclined conveyors, Kiln drives and pumps.

As a leading power transmission component manufacturer, Altra South Africa has the local team, facilities, and inspection and repair capabilities to rebuild and replace all product components as required. Repairs are completed to the exacting standards in which the original products were manufactured to, Marland products will carry a new clutch 3 year warranty. Svendborg and Turboflex will carry a 12 month warranty.

The quality program also ensures that the high quality standards are met in the materials and processes that are utilized in the inspection, manufacturing, testing and final inspections.

3 Year
from Date of
Bibby SA Rebuild - Before Bibby SA Rebuild - After
Before and After
Products are received, inspected and rebuilt in the shortest possible time frame. We will work to accommodate your shut down schedule. To avoid substandard counterfeit work, contact Altra Industrial Motion South Africa to assure procurement of genuine products that will have the new 12/36 month warranty.

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For additional details on our cost-saving, certified Rebuild Program, call +27 (0)11 918 4270.

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