• Altra Industrial Motion
    Engineered Couplings For
    Almost Any Application

    With products ranging from high-precision couplings
    for aerospace applications to large industrial
    couplings for use in mining and metal production, Altra
    is able to offer a solution for almost any application.

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    Altra Industrial Motion Couplings
  • Stieber Mining
    High Torque Density
    Reliable Functionality

    The Stieber RDBR-E limiting / load sharing low
    speed backstop can really limit the stresses
    and protect your conveyor belt system.

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    Stieber RDBR
  • Cardan Shaft Couplings
    Periflex® CS
    Cardan Shaft Couplings

    A highly flexible rubber coupling with
    linear characteristics for connecting
    a cardan shaft directly to a diesel engine.

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    Stromag Cardan Shaft Coupling
  • Svendborg Yaw Systems
    Hydraulic Brake Products

    Our market-leading and reliable
    hydraulic brake system is guaranteed
    to meet your specific requirements. 

    Svendborg Yaw Systems
  • Altra Industrial Motion SA Services
    Rebuild Service and
    Assembly Facility

    Rebuild/repair your product to look like new,
    perform like new and warrantied as new...
    at half the price

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    Altra Industrial Motion SA Services
  • Bibby Feature Product Banner
    Torque Limiter

    Eliminate the problems associated with slow reaction
    which give a wide release torque variation,
    or slip clutches which may rapidly overheat.

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    Bibbigard Featured Product

Altra Industrial Motion SA (Pty.) Ltd. provides world-class power transmission components and service

As part of Altra Industrial Motion (USA), Altra Industrial Motion SA (Pty.) Ltd. provides customers with the engineering and application expertise of the world’s leading brands in mechanical power transmission and motion control technologies. The ability of our customers to source multiple components from a single company provides convenience while ensuring compatibility and optimized drivetrain performance.

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